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February 16
31 to 55
Willing to relocate to another country
Travel / Hospitality
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian, German, English
I am educated, self-confident, purposeful, but at the same time, I’m positive, cheerful, kind, sympathetic, friendly and sociable! I’m an open, easygoing person with big kind heart. I think kindness is one of important features in a person. Do you agree? My character can be changed depending on circumstances, but anyway I keep composure and treat people with respect all the time. I try to find good things and sides in any situation and event of life. I know that life is wonderful and I want to discover it in all its sides. I’m active person and active in fields of life. I follow healthy lifestyle (well, I try!!) I eat healthy food and fulfill my life with a lot of activities and sports. I like to travel a lot to discover new interesting and beautiful places, to see different countries, architecture, culture, history and to meet new people! The new country it’s a new story, new adventure, impressions, and unforgettable memories, which I would like to share with my future man...!
For me, it is important to meet an intelligent man, responsible, honest, reliable, loyal, purposeful, with a good sense of humor and confidence. I think that there are a lot of men who have such qualities, so I have a chance to be happy! I want to be friends with my man..passion lovers and partners in life..to be on the same wave and to look in the same direction!! I believe in Love even after all life lessons. I think we all are created to be in couples. We are created to be happy and we decide..it’s only our own choice..with who to share our happiness! Love it’s a wonderful feeling and we all deserve to fall in love with the right person. I want my future man will have a very loving heart. And I want him to appreciate my sincere pure feeling to him!
My dream to meet the man of my life..to create strong and happy family..to share all moments in life with him..to support each other in all ways...to live in love..trust and happiness! To travel together..spend our honeymoon and holidays on exotic islands .. an ocean .. a sun .. beautiful nature..to discover new places with my beloved to enjoy all those wonderful moments together..perfect!
Travel, psychology, sports (gym, swimming pool, tennis), learning foreign languages, astrology, Latin American dances, cooking.
I adhere to the basics of healthy eating, favorite dishes - fish and seafood)
Depends on mood, Enrique Iglesias, Jenifer Lopes, Depeche mode, Scorpions, Madonna and many others depend on mood