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February 17
34 to 51
Saint Petersburg
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
IT / Communications
Masters degree
English, Russian, Dutch
Friendship, Marriage
hello! I've looked through the web dating sites and realised that all the people write almost same...And they write only about the good sides of them of course :-) Ok, I will be honest with you and will not hide even the worst features of me! I am active and even impulsive sometimes but at the same time I am independent and I do not like when someone tries to control me. I am nice but at the same time I never do what I do not want. I have a strong character even if look like a weak girl. But would be so happy if I meet someone who will accept me as I am! I travelled all over the wold and have been to so many countries...I am not afraid of new places. I speak English fluently so we will never have any communication problems. How do you think...can we start learning more about us?.. :D
On the one hand it is impossible to describe him – if I knew how he looks like I'd better make a identikit of him :-) But the features which I wish to see in him are the must! I see myself only with a strong man, with someone who will be stronger than me. Nothing can be good between the two people if there is no respect in relations, so I expect him to respect me and my decisions. I wish him to be ready to talk and to discuss the problems if we have any... Sounds like you? :-)
See the world with ideal mate
travel - been to whole Europe, USA, languages - I speak several foreign languages, concerts, hockey, books, love cooking ;)
seafood, desserts ;)
Always depends on mood