Tatiana Bella

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Personal details

October 1
45 to 100
  • 22 yr old female
  • 20 yr old male
Willing to relocate to another country
Sales / Marketing
Vocational college
Russian, Ukrainian
My motto is "Never give up!" and it helps me achieve all the goals. For sure there are many good qualities in me, same as there is something that I would like to change maybe. The main thing you need to know about me is that I do live - enjoy every day, every moment, every person I meet and every place I visit! Positive thinking and smile can open all doors and solve issues that might appear. I have great kids and I am proud to be not just a good mother to them, but also their best friend! The rest about me is as in a joke: "Can you tell us a few words about yourself? -"Well, a lot has happened!" So, yes, I do like to laugh and make people around me happy! Now I desire to be loved so much as well!
I would like to meet a man who knows what love is! I see him as a loving one - loving me, my children, my animals. I want him to become my friend with whom I can share everything and have no secrets from each other. He is to be my equal partner - always together and constantly support each other. He is to allow me to love him just the way he is and I am. I would like to meet a reliable trustworthy gentleman. A man who does not make problems, but helps solve them. In return, I want to give everything I have to him. And how do you see happy family life?
To have a strong family
I enjoy reading books, walking with my dog and sewing for my daughter and myself. Also I like doing puzzles, if the pets do not interfere.
Safri Duo, Osborne, Turner, Mercury, Accept, 90th disco.