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July 29
26 to 41
  • 4 yr old female
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Bachelors degree
Russian, Ukrainian
I am kind and gentle lady, with a spark in the eyes who wants to love and be loved! Also I think that an important quality of a woman is hardworking. Yes, manage not only to take care about home and bring up my child, but also to work, build a career and achieve success. It's no secret that women are more enduring than men. So I also have great patience and willpower. That allows me to solve a lot of life problems. As a strong woman I am not accustomed to complaining and straining others with my dissatisfaction, problems.There are many things that makes me happy - I love theater, cinema, walks and karaoke :) What is your favorite song? We can sing together on our first date! ;) Also I enjoy to travel, to play and do sports and to continue to develop myself.
I see him as purposeful, honest, loyal, gentle, loving children and animals man. The man next to whom I can feel like a woman - loving and caring one :) My future husband is certainly intelligent, faithful to his woman and her ideals, has a good and sensitive heart. And the responsiveness among these qualities is not on the last place. After all, it gives the ability to understand and respond quickly to real participation and help in the complexity and problems of others. In family relationships sensitivity is an indicator of the degree of their development. And one more important quality of my man is patience. The ability to calmly accept the shortcomings of others, some difficult situations at work and in social life gives a huge foreplay to the man compared to those who have lack of patience.
to see the beauty of the world,to learn how to surf, find real love
Bakery,gym,active rest,reading
healthy food:I love grilled meat, vegetables and seafood
there is not certain singer,I love varied music