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January 1
41 to 58
  • 27 yr old female
Willing to relocate to another country
PhD on doctorate
I am always benevolent, kind, tender and feminine! Femininity - this is easy walking, and cat`s grace, and thoracic voice, and pleasant manners. It is tidiness, tensile, neatness and good taste. I am a Woman with an easy character, so I am inviolable, sociable and non-conflicts. I do not try to put pressure on anyone, I respect their personal space, I am not satisfied with any scandals and hysterics and am ready to compromise. Also you can call me very attentive, sensitive, sympathetic, tactful, lady, who has the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. I am a person who knows how to find something funny even in a difficult life situation and can laugh at myself. Also I am able even in a tense situation to find a compromise and prevent inevitable quarrels. I am woman who was created to be loved!
My man must not be afraid to take risks. He must be ready for life that he will not stroke his head all the time and say what he is good about. I want him to feel that if we are sat on the spot - we need to go on a journey, change the city, work, circle of communication. Any risk is a noble thing. He holds himself in the hands, even in the situation when he wants to bury his companion. He treats women politely and respects them. He is able to solve a conflict with the help of words. No less important sign - my man must not only promise, but also acts! I understand that he can have some secrets, but only for the benefit of others. But he himself has to clearly understand that a lie is not the best way to save any situation. Especially if it concerns a loved one.
to have a family
growing flowers
grilled amur with vegetables
"Ocean Elzy", Tina Karol (Ukraine); Tina Turner - Simply the Best; Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You; Jo℮ dassin