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Personal details

February 17
27 to 73
Kryvyi Rih
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Health and Beauty / Hair Dresser / Personal Grooming
Vocational college
English, Russian
I am kind, soft, tender and simple woman. I think, woman is a fire in the fireplace, warmth in bed, the fragrance in the kitchen, lips' smile, sparks in eyes and sweet tale in the man's life. Have you heard a saying "About tastes do not argue", sounds like "About cakes do not argue"? I like to bake nice tasty things. Their taste is familiar to everyone from early childhood. And the more mature we become, the more acute is the deficiency in the body of the Happiness Hormone, which contains cakes, caramel and other delicacies. Also this Hormone is Love! Which must be true, sensere and loyal.
i would like to meet a nice man..., sincere, who will eat a piece my best cake and say that i taste better. :) I believe that every man deserves to have a nice looking woman next to him. Some people say that if you want to know if a man is succesfull you should look on his woman. Do you think it is true? For me a man has a life goal if he is patient, galant and loyal. I can surely make him a King! I very hope that here is a man who needs a such Ukrainian Princess a me!
I dream to be forever young and beautiful for my man. I believe that love can do miracles and make every physical dream come true. But we are people who create warmth and romanttic in our hearts!
I like sport, dance, beauty industry, cooking, talking, watching movies
I like restaurant and home-made food, italian pasta, chicken, seafood, bbq, rice and salad
I like american music, russian, classic