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May 30
30 to 61
  • 8 yr old male
  • 8 yr old male
180cm / 5ft 11in
60kg / 132lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Advertising / Media
Masters degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
A woman is a reflection of a man. If you love her to madness, she will become the one that a man dreams of. That is how I wish to be for my man. I wish to develop such chemistry, such connection with my man so that we could be able to read each other’s words and understand one another halfway. I think the most important in me is my inner charm, inner light. Kindness is my main quality. I think that without it a couple has little chance of building a happy, fulfilling relationship. I constantly work on myself developing the ability to forgive shortcomings, the understanding that a person is imperfect and can make mistakes. I see positive traits in people around me and am grateful for them. I shall not be waiting for my spouse to become ideal in order to start showing my kindness - I understand that everything starts with me. I shall be happy when I see the smiling eyes of my future husband knowing that I am the cause of this joy. I am a soft lady. I soften the harshness in behavior, movement, and speech. Softness in character prevents conflict and divorce. There will be softness and comfort in my future home. The tolerance that lives in me is the result of kindness. It is very important to be able to tolerate to my beloved one. And you will see what miracle will happen when you have a tolerant lady by your side.
Every woman wants to be loved by her man... I am not an exception. We are created on Earth with the purpose to leave a trace after ourselves, finding our beloved man, to build a happy family together. My dream is to find such a man. I wish him to be loyal, understanding, dedicated, trustworthy, honest, able to find a compromise, reliable, responsible, self-confident, independent, with a good sense of humor, attentive, and caring, to have such qualities as persistence, the ability to achieve goals and make decisions quickly. I shall try to find every possible way to better understand a person dear to me. I shall show my love for him and help him to find happiness next to me.
My main dream is to become an ideal wife. I dream that everything will work out and the relationship and hopefully the marriage will be strong. I shall not lose my faith even when clouds gather over the family nest. No matter how hard it will be I believe there will be a bright glowing sunny day in the life. My difference from many other women is that I shall not try to find a replacement for my future husband when difficulties occur, on the contrary, I shall try to change the situation, starting with myself, and with the belief that my husband is my man, my King, the Only One, the Special One. In this case, with such an approach, all the problems will be resolved. The faith in my future husband, in a strong relationship, chemistry, in a common future - this is my main approach and driving force based on belief.
I am fond of sports. I enjoy running, swimming and working out at the gym. And who does not like traveling? – I love traveling, seeing new places of interest, studying new cultures, getting wonderful emotions from every moment of this beautiful life. I like trying new things. If there is some nice hobby I do not know anything about, I am an open book and if you could teach me that and tell me of that – I would be endlessly grateful.
carpaccio, salmon Tartare