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October 27
44 to 65
  • 22 yr old male
  • 14 yr old male
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Masters degree
English, German, French
Friendship, Marriage
I am an attractive, self-sufficient and happy woman. I can say that life loves me, and I love it)) At the same time, I am gentle, romantic, and a little girl lives in my soul who still believes in a fairy tale about a prince on a white Mercedes)) I am a multi-person person, I like traveling, going to the gym, going to theaters and operas and experimenting in the kitchen:) I'm communicative and funny, sometimes I like to joke with my friends. A boring life is not for me! So beware! :))
Love, caress, attention, warmth, the value of the relationship is with you, only with my man. Sometimes it seems to me that there is not enough love, that there is no longer around - neither affection, nor sincerity, nor attention. "I want love!" I need a man who will love me, with whom I can open my heart and soul. And no matter what he is tall, or what his eye color. After all, if a person lives without love, then “the sun is an annoying lantern for him”, if you fall asleep alone - then “a prickly blanket, a stuffy pillow”.
I have one very wonderful dream. I dream to visit the island of Bali. It seems to me that this is a place with amazing nature and mighty ocean, waterfalls and Balinese temples, mysterious places of power, a variety of entertainment, and amazingly touching and simply beautiful island traditions. It would be great to spend our honeymoon there. What do you think about it?
Sport is the main thing in my life. I like to spend time in the gym, run in the morning, always be in motion. Healthy nutrition and sport makes me look so good today. Of course, like any woman, I like shopping, meeting friends, traveling, and relaxing in the theater listening to opera. I read a lot and most of all I am interested in psychology, dietetics and detectives.
Italian food
Rock, pop, classic