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August 30
35 to 53
  • 9 yr old female
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Bachelors degree
Russian, Ukrainian
I am the one who love life, I think every day is beautiful - we are to enjoy it! There is no bad weather for me, because the sun always shines in my heart! Same time I have the ability to be consistent and justify my behavior logically. Despite the fact that the role of a responsible partner in a couple is most often assumed by a man, you can always relay on me - I think it is an important factor of trust and an indicator of healthy relationships. I believe that self-esteem in a woman is just as important for a man as his own. Confidence in myself and my abilities help me to achieve goals in life. And now my goal is to find special man with whom we are to feel love and happiness!
I am looking for a man who knows what is confidence! It is a necessary quality of any person with leadership skills, which helps him to act, rather than sit back. Thanks to this feature, a man becomes a leader makes decisions, gives instructions, makes deals and starts dating. He knows his own worth, and therefore soberly assesses his potential and opportunities. Responsibility is also one of the main features of a true masculine character that is needed to make happy family! Not less important trait of character is purposefulness. Such a man always knows what he wants, regardless of the sphere of life, be it a relationship, career, entertainment, and he confidently goes to his goal. Barriers for such a person are only an incentive for further action, and failures are invaluable life experiences from which he gains value.
to see the world
Taking pictures
Seafood salad, grilled meat, baklava
Shakira, J LO, Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Safina, Enrique Iglesias, LP