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February 6
53 to 67
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
170cm / 5ft 7in
74kg / 163lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Bachelors degree
Friendship, Marriage
I am very kind and caring lady. I have an optimistic outlook in life. Due to my life experience I am a balanced and sufficient personality, but there is yet the place in my heart that needs to be filled by the right person. I like to be in a fun company, and to be surrounded by good people. I am an open minded person that is why I am very interested in our big world, our history and traditions of other cultures, our planet.
When I ask myself what kind of man I am looking for the first thing coming to my mind is his personality. The looks do not always match the inner beauty of a person, agree? In a man I'm looking for a sense of humor, reliability, decisiveness. I search for a man who knows what he wants in life. The man of my dream is intelligent and acts fast when needed. It would be wonderful if he could love me with all his heart and in return I will make him the happiest man. I appreciate responsible and wise decisions and smart choices.
I do not dream, I simply do
I do not consider my hobbies very extraordinary, but think that they are very important to keep me educated and in shape, especially bringing me positive emotions. I like to attend theatres and all sorts of cultural exhibitions, which take place in local museums and art galleries. And of course sometimes I just prefer to spend time at home, in a quiet environment or go to countryside to get some fresh air. My other fun hobbies are oriental dancing and painting on wood.
Cooked with my own hands
Сhris Spheeris