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Personal details

January 8
37 to 100
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Medical / Dental / Veterinary
Masters degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Friendship, Marriage
What I do now I can call a combination of creativity in business. I do marketing in the pharmaceutical business, head of the gynecology department. We work with doctors, especially with gynecologists. The main mission is to give birth to healthy and intelligent children.
The most important thing for me in a man is his intellect. This is a man with burning intelligent eyes, a noble heart and a good soul, appearance does not matter to me. What matters is trust and respect, no betrayal and contempt
My main dream now is to get married, build lasting happy partnership - family
When I travel and come to the capital or major city of another country, a mandatory ritual for me is to visit the local opera house in Paris or Milan, or Munich. I love classical music - Mozart, Tchaikovsky, their music heals me. I really love to travel. Most of all Europe, but also exotic: Thailand, Bali, Sri Lanka.
My mother cooks very tasty and the family would have a tradition of family dinners on holidays. Moreover, I have always been interested in the theory of healthy nutrition. Food carries a lot of information for the body, so I love to cook myself - healthy food that is healthy, I love beautiful food, decorate it, make beautiful food dishes, use original recipes to really enjoy the pleasure and health of food.
My love for music is very old, since childhood, at school I became interested in Madonna and memorized all her songs of the 90s, this helped me to learn English. Now I am also fascinated with singing, studying vocals. I love the works of Lara Fabian, Queen, George Michael, Whitney Houston, Elton John and other artists who gave the world beautiful songs and music. I love Sarah Brightman very much, I can listen to her voice for hours .. or the opera voice of Andrea Bochelya inspires me in moments when I want to switch.