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January 27
35 to 83
166cm / 5ft 5in
62kg / 137lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Sales / Marketing
Masters degree
Hope! My name means hope, in Ukrainian, it sounds like Vera, Verochka gentle way ;-) I live a full life and enjoy every single day! I am a very sociable, flexible, romantic, caring and simple woman! Due to my work I find solutions to any problem, embroider, see, give warmth, comfort, smile, I can listen and support, empathize, support the team spirit. I work in the sales field. Also, i know English, not perfect, but I try the best and need more practice. As for hobbies, I do love traveling. I dream to go to New Zealand, Australia. I have been to Italy, France, Britain, Czech Republic, Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Poland. My home is very cozy, I am a good housekeeper, I love to make experiments in the kitchen ;-) For my man I want to bring my love, tenderness, care and support!
I appreciate sincerity and openness, freedom to express my feelings, spontaneity, reliability I love children, so I will be happy if you have children. The main thing is that you could keep your word. Honest, sincere, with respect to me, morally adult, resolve issues between us through conversation, and not silence and claims
meet a man and build harmonious relationships, travel to other countries, for example, to ride the bicycle in New Zeland?
traveling, time at nature, biking, swimming
I love delicious, exquisite things. Regarding the restaurant - for me it is more important with whom I am in the restaurant than the restaurant itself. There is no favorite cuisine, but how it is prepared is important. I do not like fatty foods and meat, except for chicken meat. For breakfast - omelet with vegetables or cottage cheese with fruit or porridge plus coffee. There is no special food for dinner. I love nuts, cheese and fruits.
The genre depends on the mood - I want to dance, then disco, Enrico Iglesias, meditate - instrumental, etc.