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August 31
37 to 57
  • 9 yr old male
171cm / 5ft 7in
63kg / 139lb
Caucasian (white)
Trying to quit
Willing to relocate to another country
Bachelors degree
Friendship, Marriage
If to say about myself so I am very peaceful person, I do not like conflicts and I do everything possible for to avoid conflicts with people although same time I can defend myself and my dearest people if the situation requires it. I am a very kind and gentle lady, I like and want to give tenderness and affection to my future chosen one. I am very tactile and love to receive massage as well as give it. My man should be ready for frequent hugs and kisses. I believe that it is very important to maintain fire and mutual affection in a couple and both of us should understand this and to be ready to maintain our love and affection to each other.
I hope to find a man who is also kind and peaceful, who is ready to share his life with his beloved woman and knows how to give and to show his love as well as ready to receive it from her. I like men with a sense of humor, but even if there is no, the most important thing is kindness and generosity of my man. I hope to be close with a man who likes to lead healthy style of life but same time knows how and likes to enjoy with life in any kind of situation, especially when we are together and support each other.
Right now my the most important dream is to be happy in love. To meet my beloved man with whom we could share everything is our life, to love and support each other in a good and not very good times. Dream to live happily and in harmony in my own family with my beloved man.
Active style of life, traveling, development myself, walking, massaging, watching movies, sewing.
spaghetti, sushi