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Personal details

June 26
45 to 60
  • ?? yr old child
  • ?? yr old child
government employee
Russian, French ( bad)
Friendship, Marriage
In front of you is an intelligent and energetic person. I am very active and always busy with something. I have a lot of interesting sides in my character. I love nature a lot and also like animals. I think that this is adding people a lot of positive and happy moments. We need to get them from somewhere:) i also like to meet with my friends and i like communication with nice and interesting people. This is also nice for me to go out to some exhibitions or excursions. I am interested in a lot of things around me. You will not get bored with me. I have a lo of things to talk about and of course i am open person and very kind.
I hope to find a nice man here with whom i can feel comfortable. I want to feel that he is self confident man and we can spend time with him in any place. This is very important when couple live in harmony and understand each other. It can be nice if he is not lazy and ready for new things and changes in life. This is very important to set goals together and trying to achieve it. Will be happy if he has sense of humor!:).
I am fond of sport and especially like yoga!:) this is very good for feeling relaxed and get out of stress. This is very interesting for me to get to know information from stars. I like astrology a lot and can spend a lot of time on reading a lot about it and get to know new things. This is also very nice to make photos and i like to visit photographer to make nice photos of me and my daughters:).