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Personal details

August 20
54 to 72
  • 33 yr old female
  • 29 yr old male
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Vocational college
Friendship, Marriage
I’m very kindhearted and open person, I’m very faithful in relationship with people, always stay positive and lead an active lifestyle. I deeply respect honesty, because I have that in myself. I’m also romantic person, love nature and spending time in mountains, in forest or near the river. I think I’m easygoing and gladly agree for new experience in life and meeting new people.
I appreciate in a man his deeds and kindness. I believe that a man is the stronger one and he can take care of his woman, because no matter how strong a woman is, she sometimes needs to feel weak. I like it when it’s easy to communicate with a man and when he is faithful. I want to support my man and give him my care every day, to have respect and understanding for each other, and live the happy harmonic life together!
I awake and go to sleep every day with a dream about my children and grandchildren being healthy.
I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, that is why I enjoy cooking good and healthy food, spend more time at nature and keep myself fit. I enjoy playing the piano or synthesizer and sing and also I like reading. I love to help people with actions or advice whatever needed, my friends tell me I have a lot of wisdom. I like to keep my place cozy and clean, enjoy knitting. I’m always ready to try new things in life and develop my skills.
I can cook almost everything! But particularly love pies :)
I like to listen to religious bands, also love Italian and French singers: Riccardo Fogli, Puppo, Celentano, Joe Dassin