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Мы создали этот сайт чтобы предоставить возможность мужчинам и девушкам найти их особенного человека, с которыми они могут разделить свою жизнь. Мы остаемся верными этому принципу все время и предпримем меры по отношению к любому агентству, которое идет против наших принципов и занимается мошенничеством.

Мы хотим, чтобы мужчины пользуясь этим сайтом были уверены, что мы будем поддерживать их и рассматривать все, что они считают, необычным или подозрительным. Так же, мы хотим защитить девушек, которые используют этот сайт от агентств, которые используют их анкеты, для заработка.

Все агентства или девушки, по которым было доказано, что они используют сайт для извлечения материальной выгоды, а не для построения отношений, будут удалены из списка активных агентств, а информация о них будет размещена на этой странице.

Мы хотим, чтобы все пользователи чувсвовали себя уверено в использовании этого сайта и приветствуем любую обратную связь о подозрительном поведении и поступках. Мы будем рассматривать любое обращение и отписываться вам по вашему запросу.

Агентства мошенники

Diamond Dream Dating

This man had his own agency and was adding ladies from other sites to build up his agency listing.

He and his wife were writing the letters and in a letter to a man asked him to send money urgently to her mother who was very sick.

The lady said that her mothers name was Oksana Sklyarova who is actually the agency owners wife.

I reported this agency the relevant authorities


This agency paid ladies for profiles and photos and wrote to men rather than the ladies writing to men.

We did not check every lady but had confirmation from a few ladies that they had been paid to register but were not actively writing to men.

We dont want to work with this agency - they are scammers.


This agency, run by Alexandr Sidenko in Lugansk, has been using ladies profiles to earn money, as well as having married ladies registered with them.

We refuse to work with them.

HoneyMoon Lugansk

This agency was paid in advance for two ladies to meet with a man on a Romantic Tour. The ladies did not turn up to the scheduled meetings.

The agency manager said that the man changed his mind about the meetings.

The man met a number of ladies on the tour and had no problems with any other agencies or ladies and confirmed that he was waiting for the ladies as per the trip itinerary and had no contact from this agent about the meetings being cancelled.

This lady and agency have been reported to the relevant authorities.


This lady set up her own agency and was adding ladies photo's from other sites to her own agency list.

She was writing all letters on behalf of the ladies - who did not even know they were on her agency list.

She wrote to a man outside the agency and told the man that all the letters at the agency were faked by her. She then told the man that she would continue to translate for the man for free because the girl actually did like him.

Dream Love

This agency was using photos stolen from other sites and other agencies.

All men that corresponded through this agency were refunded.


This agency steals profiles from Russian social sites and lists them as their own ladies.

An ex employee of the agency confirmed to us that she was hired as a translators to write letters for fictional ladies


This agency had many ladies that had false details. Their phone number and passport details were incorrect.

We also found that one lady was married.

This agency is dishonest and we will not work with them any longer.

They are a scam


The manager of this agency would often login as one of his ladies and write letters on her behalf or participate in text chats without the ladies knowledge. This was to scam men into chatting more often and sending more letters.

We contacted the ladies and many of them were unaware that men were writing to them.

All men have been refunded and the agent has been listed as a scammer


This agency has real ladies registered with them, but the ladies are not in the chats.

Other ladies, some who wear wigs, pretend to be the ladies and make video chats

They are pure scammers


Interpreters were used text chats instead ladies.


Ajour agency moved to the scam list because of the many complaints from men about silly letters, fake chat, copied emails from other profiles, inability to get any response from the managers of the agency

Sweet Dreams

Agency is a scammer. Ladies have no idea who is writing them and what happens with their accounts. Director. manager and their girlfriends make money on marriage sites.


This agency is a scammer!

All the photos of ladies are stolen and we have no idea who they are. Translators (agency manager) was writing to our clients for all the time.

Photos of gift delivery were made in photoshop!


Agency communicate in text chat without the knowledge of the lady. Lady were not interested in a serious relationship.


Amore Agency used text chats without lady, only interpreter. Some ladies married or have boyfriend.


Ladies in this agency had boyfriends

Девушки мошенницы


This lady has been listed on a number of sites as a scammer although she never caused any problems on my site.

I had emails from men advising of her status and I consider that she was not what I want on our site.


This lady has been asked to be removed by her agency because she just wrote erotic messages to attract men. She is not genuine


This lady met a man through the site without telling the agency.

Her intentions were dubious and this was reported to me by the man.

She has been marked as a scammer and the man has been refunded


A man bought this ladies private details and she immediately asked him for money to his private email address.

She also called herself Olga when her name is supposed to be Svetlana.


This lady posted photos of a famous Russian actress as her own. She misled men and is a scammer

We have exposed her and have refunded all men that communicated with her


lady had communication on site, but at the same time was in relationship


This lady advertised on her Facebook for ladies to work with her and write to foreign men to earn money. She said that the conversation knows no bounds and anything is OK. She said they can earn lots of money

This lady is a scammer and is not welcome on our site


This lady has been removed from the site. She wrote to many men from many countries to advise them that "she would be arriving in your country this summer and I will be staying". This is a lie - she will not be emigrating anywhere. She is a scammer and she is not welcome on our site


This lady joined multiple agencies and had many cell phones.

The agencies were not necessarily to blame - the lady was very clever (but not clever enough for us)


Lady is in relations


Lady not serious in her search, have a boyfriend