Мы предоставляем нашим клиентам отличную службу доставки подарков во все города Украины. Выберите подарок из списка ниже, и мы организуем доставку подарков и открытки с вашим сообщением для девушки.

Вы получите фотографии девушки с вашим подарком.

Обратите внимание, что доставка подарков по Украине может занять до пяти дней. Если вы хотите, чтобы подарок был доставлен в определенный день, убедитесь, что вы разместили заказ заранее и четко разъясните это требование на странице корзины покупок.

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(1901) Photo Session of your Lady

A photoshoot of your lady by a professional photographer.

You will receive 10 professional photos of the lady after the photoshoot.

Gifts > Gift Vouchers

(1910) Perfume 100ml

A 100ml bottle of perfume. The lady will choose the perfume by herself.

You can add a personalised card with this gift.


(2110) Camera for Computer or Laptop

A web camera for a computer or laptop.

You can add a personalised card with this gift.

Gifts > Electronics

(2130) Smartphone

Modern smartphone on the lady's choice.

(You can advise and point the model of product)

Gifts > Electronics

(2135) Tablet

Modern tablet on the lady's choice.

(You can advise and point the model of product)

Gifts > Electronics

(2150) Find Me, My Destiny by Aurelia Gosnell

Partly autobiographical, this Russian language book is about the extraordinary challenges faced by women from the former Soviet countries who seek to find happiness in marriage with a foreign man while at the same time overcoming the difficulties that come with life in a new country and culture. The Ukrainian author overcame these challenges and has been happily married and living in the United States for ten years. Inspired with gratitude for her good fortune, the author began an Internet project to assist other women from the former Soviet countries who were seeking to find the man of their destiny even if he might live in a foreign land. In the project's five year existence it has helped numerous men and women to find their own path towards happiness in marriage to a foreigner. The book includes numerous true stories of success and failure based upon the real-life accounts of members of her project's "family club." The author defines and discusses the behaviors and attitudes of couples in courtship and marriage and shows how these can determine whether a couple's relationship will have a happy outcome or a sad one.

A perfect gift to help your special lady prepare for a new life with you.


(2200) Day For A Charming Lady

Gift voucher to the beauty salon on the lady's choice.

(2205) Day For An Active Lady

Gift voucher for massages, yoga class, gym on the lady's choice.

Gifts > Special Day

(2310) Name A Star After Her

Certificate of naming a star after your lady.

1. Basket “New Year's Eve”

“New Year Eve” basket contains:

1 bottle of champagne “Martini”, 1 box of chocolate candies, 1 pineapple, 5 apples, 2 pomegranates, a set of red and white toys.

(Gift can look different due preference of the lady)

Gifts > Christmas

2. Basket Chocolate, Wine and Cheese

This basket includes a bottle of red or white wine of your choice, 2 pieces of cheese and swiss chocolate.

Gifts > Christmas

3. Scented Candles

The scented candles will provide a relaxing atmosphere.

The set includes 3 candles and may differ from the picture.

Gifts > Christmas

4. New Year toys for decoration

The set of New Year toys for decoration (12 pieces).

Gifts > Christmas

5. Charm Set

The gift set contains:

basket, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body scrub, handmade soap, 2 cinnamon sticks.

(The present may differ from this picture)

Gifts > Christmas

6. Christmas box with cookies

A set of gingerbread in a carton box.

Gifts > Christmas

7. Chocolate and Wine

A bottle of red/ white wine (due to you to make the choice) and a box of chocolate candies.

(The present may differ from this picture)

Gifts > Christmas

Beauty Treatment Voucher

Valentine's Day special offer.

A gift voucher for a beauty treatment at the lady's local clinic. She can have a facial massage, special pampering, whatever she chooses. You can add a personalised card with this gift.

Bouquet "Lilies +roses"

The bouquet consists of 5 pink lilies, 5 white lilies, 5 red roses, small yellow flowers, and some green fauna.

(The bouquet may differ from this picture)

Bouquet "Spring feelings"

A bouquet consists of 5 branches of alstroemeria, 7 branches of iris, 5 white orchids, 10 branches of salal, 5 freesias, white and purple ribbon.

(The bouquet may differ from this picture)

Box "With Love and hope"

A box with 5 red roses 2 branches of spray rose, Raffaello candies (200 gr).