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Личные данные

10 декабря
40 до 62
  • 21 лет male
Европеоидная раса
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Медицина / Стоматология / Ветеринария
Степень бакалавра
I am easy-going, intelligent , fun, emotional,sensual, smiling lady with a good sense of humor. I am helpful and caring, I know what I want .. I'm not looking for drama in a relationship .. this is so enough in the cinema)) I have the ability to get joy from simple things around me. I love watching paralympic games, admire immensely these people, their love to life and endurance. That's an excellent example! I love life. Time goes too fast. So why should we wait until it's running out? I like to learn something new, go to the theater or to a concert, to the premiere of a new film, do yoga, meet friends, travel. I am grateful to everything that I have and what surrounds me. My life is full of meaning! Understanding and partnership are the most important in any relationship, so I would like to be a partner for my man.. and I'm ready to follow my man, inspire and envelop in tenderness .. If you want to be happy and live in harmony with your beloved woman - I am here for you;)
Someone with a positive attitude to life and with enough irony and humor for themselves, others and what is happening around .. I believe that a sense of humor is the key to almost all doors)) Someone who knows when to be serious and when just smile ..I am here to find my man who I can trust, who is not agressive,non-judgmental thinking, who loves this life as I do. I`m looking for that special someone who feels as I : mutual love, devotion, and respect. I would like this person to share the same good morals and values as I do, where faithfulness, honesty and commitment are natural behaviors.I am looking for a man who will occupy an important place in my life, as well as mutually on his part. There is nothing more important than true Closer and warm in a relationship. We should be on "the same wave" and look at one direction. I don't like people who are angry at the world, who are cynical or world weary. There is no reason for this. There is too many wonderful things to see and experience. So that would not be bad at all is to find a man who wants to live this kind)) Someone who is open to adventure and the work together of making a good life for their family.
Do you have a dream? Go to your dream! Can't go? Crawl to the dream! Can't you crawl? Lie down in the direction of your dreams))) Do everything to achieve your dream!
I enjoy being on nature, go to cinema, exhibitions, theater, concerts, singing karaoke,playing bowling, billiards,also studying English, listening to my favorite yoga exercises are my hobbies.
healthy food...but sometimes the amazing smell of something tasty and not very useful does wonders)) and I also like this moment))
Queen, Scorpions ,Leonard Cohen, Barry Wait, Elton John