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27 мая
25 до 49
170см / 5фут 7дюймы
63кг / 139фунт
Европеоидная раса
В компании
Никогда не был (-а) женат (замужем)
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I am a very easy going person. I am tolerant and loyal. I am helpful towards my close people. They say I have many good traits. Lots of people say that I have a very inviting look the one that says write me right away.. if that's true I wonder why you are still silent. )))Maybe you think that this charming woman with big green eyes and long flowing hair and full sensitive lips will cast a spell on you and you do not be able to escape? Actually I am a merry, happy, tender woman with a lot of tenderness in my soul, the one who loves to live and the one who lives to love. I feel that life is too short and precious and I do all my best to enjoy it. I am very feminine and I try to be beautiful every day.
I do not want to describe what features of character I want to find in a person, I think it is simple wasting of words and time, because every person is worth to be love and every person is able to fall in love... and all we need in order to fulfill this abilities is to have a desire to love and to be loved. Of course I want him to be honest, with strong character even brave. I have such desire and it is my first step to the happy I need to make my second step and it is my letter and my presence at this site... I need you to do your step forward to me.
I dream to live in wonderful place, to have big soft dog and my lovely family and many kids around us. )))
My biggest hobby is Belly Dances. I am very good dancer and can prove it to you any minute. I like to go on concerts a lot. I like to sing and have very pretty voice