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Личные данные

27 мая
35 в 50
169см / 5и 7в
50кг / 110фунты
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Sales / Marketing
Bachelors degree
I am quite sociable, very kind and sincere, they say that it is interesting talking to me, I hope that you will soon want to check it out) In a relationship, I am looking for peace, love, and mutual understanding. When the relationship is happy, it gives me wings and I feel happy. I can say that I am loyal and caring, I love children very much, I happily spend time with my nephews) I really want to have my own children. I am restless and active, I want to know a lot and get new experiences in life.
I want to be confident in my man as in myself, responsibility is the first positive quality of a man's character. It's good when a man feels confident. When he is smart and with a sense of humor) Now I want to meet a man who wants to start a family. And then I want to love each other, develop, have children and common animals)))
to marry beloved person!:) Be happy together!
maybe I will not surprise you with a too-long list of my hobbies, for such a long time in my life, most of the time was occupied by work and I had practically no time left for any kind of pleasure and entertainment. Now I am starting a new life, and perhaps I will soon find new hobbies for myself. Many times I tried to do different kinds of sports, but probably I haven’t found something special for me)) I just support a healthy lifestyle. But in spite of everything, it has always been and will be interesting for me to travel, I was lucky to visit so many countries of the world and I want my future chosen one to also love to travel))
healthy dishes and food
depends on my mood