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Заполните хотя бы 90% своего профиля и в течение 12 часа получите 5 минуты бесплатного живого чата с каждой ...


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27 июля
50 до 60
  • 23 лет female
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Европеоидная раса
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First of all I am very temperamental and bright lady. Walking in a crowded street you will obviously notice me and you will not pass by me) I am attractive, smiling and very kind. I am also open and sociable. Due to my work I have a plenty of experience with all kind of people that is why it is easy for me to find a key to any person)) I value every moment in my life and I always looking for a new exciting emotions and events.
I desire to meet a temperamental man. He should be active like me and young at heart. I dream to have common hobbies. I want my man to become the dearest my friend, my partner in life and my big love and passion. My heart and soul will melt in arms of romantic and caring man.
to meet a very good person here!
I like so much long walks on the nature and it doesn’t even matter what kind of weather outside) I have summer home and I am pleased spending time there. I adore dancing and I would like to spend time with my soul mate at the dance classes. Now I am keen on massage, bit in fact I always try to find something new and interesting in my life and I get big joy studying useful and interesting things. Usually I am active lady and I don’t waste a lot of time at home but if I have a minute I would spend it with pleasant book and a cup of latte.
home made
depends on my mood