Gentle Mila

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2 марта
43 до 61
  • 16 лет male
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I would say that I’m a woman who still dreams about big Love. I realize that maybe sometimes it’s like girl’s fantasy)) But I can’t help it. I have a strong belief that my second half exists. He lives somewhere in the world and he’s looking for me as well. He dreams about such woman as I am. Because I’m a good woman. Haha ) Yes, I’m modest as well)) I’m funny, kind, soft-hearted and very tender and caring. I do love listening to music and bake tasty dishes for my close people! Do love give joy to those who are next to me. I know that life is a complicated and sometimes cruel thing. And to share joy, feeling of happiness with close people it’s an important thing)
And I want to meet a man with the same views and attitude to life. I want him to be soft-hearted, kind, but with inner scale of values. I want him to desire to build a happy family. I want to meet a man who will be able to say “I love you” without shame and fear. I want him to appreciate my feelings to him. To build mutual happiness it’s work, sometimes hard work. But with true love in heart, sincere support and care everything is possible. I want such happiness for both of us! To do it together!
and yours?:))
I make different decorative elements for the house with my own hands. I also finished tattooing courses and so far this is a hobby, but I want it to be a further profession.
My favorite food is sea fish)). I love fresh and stewed vegetables. Combined dishes - meat with vegetables, pilaf, stuffed peppers. I love fruits and light desserts.
I listen to music according to my mood. Sometimes it can be pop, rock, lounge, jazz. Favorite a-ha band, like depeche mod, imagine dragons ... and so on