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24 июля
52 до 67
  • 30 лет female
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Европеоидная раса
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I am just one of the thousands of Russian ladies who wants to create a family and search for their soul mates abroad but I do hope to catch your attention and tell you how special I am. If I described myself I would say I am an easy going, friendly, talkative and helpful person. A good listener, loyal, faithful, kind, romantic, devoted and gentle. I have a good sense of humor and I am able to enjoy life and to stay positive even at hard times. One of my main life principles sounds like this: treat others in such a way as you want to be treated. Of course, many sides of my personality depend on the situation and people I am with. With my friends I am sociable, funny, cheerful and communicative. With my colleagues I am reliable and responsible. With my beloved man I am affectionate, tender, positive and of course, passionate. I have an active life position and definitely have an adventurous streak - whether it's trying out an exotic recipe in the kitchen, sport games or traveling the world. I like life, adore gardening, mountains, sea, music, long walks. I am a big fan of music, theater, dances. At the same time I don’t mind about time on the lap of nature, picnic, being at the beach and such activities like hiking, outdoor games. I am sure that I can be an interesting companion in different activities during my life.
I am looking for someone who is family orientated, confident, smart and sexy, who is interested in discovering with me all of the amazing things that this world has to offer. I am looking for a man without bad habits. I am serious about my search for a true partner and soul mate, no matter where in the world he may be! The most important thing for me is the inner world of a person. I will treat you my best, I will take good care of our children and home, I will never betray or disrespect you, and I hope you will give me your love in return. Write me and let it be the first step in developing our communication at first, then friendship and finally I hope it will be wonderful, loving and trustworthy relationship
I dream to meet a man with a passionate heart, who adores life.
cooking, traveling, gardening
cakes, fruits
Sting, Jackson, Malikov, Agutin