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Личные данные

10 сентября
45 в 62
164см / 5и 5в
70кг / 154фунты
Hotel Manager
University degree
Дружба, Брак
Women are the most amazing and exciting creatures in this world. To understand women, one has to become a woman, and if it is impossible to become, then it is only necessary to accept women as they are - full of mysteries and charming charm in their individuality. I am the clear example of this. I am a charismatic, very funny, bright person. Little deviless sits in me)) I'm an unpredictable woman, and many of my friends like it. It's hard to get bored with me. If you throw out the template "how it should all be" and enjoy the way it is, you can accidentally become happy. Do you agree with me?
Probably it will be trite if I say that a man should be caring, loving and understanding is not it? Because everyone want to love and be loved. This is a great feeling I do not argue). But I do not live by stereotypes about the "ideal man". I have only one requirement for a man - that we feel comfortable together. So that we complement each other and dissolve into each other.
I'm fond of psychology, old films and fresh air. Psychology - this is the thing that opens my eyes to some of my not understandable things and gives me an opportunity to analyze my actions differently and better understand people. There are a lot of interesting things, for example biheviarism, psychoanalysis, conformism .... but it's something from the fantasy world for you, is not it?) Also, my interests on psychology and walks do not end ...I will not say that I am a master in cooking, but I love to cook. Ukrainian, Russian and even italyanskie kitchens have in my arsenal) I started to love Italian food when I visited Italy. Italian cuisine is based on fresh, natural products. To feel and know it to the fullest, it's enough just to eat together a tomato, mozzarella cheese and a sprig of basil. Tell me that there is nothing complicated?! .... All ingeniously simple!!!))
Ukrainian, Italian
Pop, jazz