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Заполните хотя бы 90% своего профиля и в течение 12 часа получите 5 минуты бесплатного живого чата с каждой ...


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28 ноября
30 до 50
  • 10 лет female
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Степень бакалавра
Russian and Ukrainian
I am a very cheerful and open lady, I live in the city where Ukrainian culture and traditions are treasured most of all. Delicious cuisine, melodic songs, cozy home, this is something I was taught from my early age. I want to bring warmth and light into my man's life. My heart is filled with love which I want to share with my special man, my love. I am encouraged with the amazing love story of my elder sister who has found her special man with help of the dating site. I registered here with the firm belief that I will find my beloved as well, so I am ready to move mountains on the way to my happiness!
I am looking for a man who is serious and has serious thoughts of finding lady and creating strong and loving family. May be it is simple to say, but it is the truth - happiness is in natural and simple things like honesty, openness, mutual trust and devotion. My dream is to share such moments with my partner, having feeling of togetherness no matter if we are having rest at the sophisticated resort of just cooking an omelet for breakfast at home - I want us to enjoy everything we do and being sure we do it in the way we both planned it. I do not put any limits of restriction, I want to leave it up to my fate to decide and send me my special man.
I dream to meet my beloved man and build a happy, strong family. Yes, it's a simple dream, but I truly dream about this with all my heart!
traveling, discovering new places. Also, sports!
Borsch with black bread,and grilled meat
good music, I love music from rock to instrumental