La Bonita

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28 ноября
42 до 57
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Степень бакалавра
Russian, Ukrainian
I am optimistic, dynamic, creative, intelligent, cheerful and responsive woman who has a complete harmony with myself and with outer world! Every my day is a small adventure enriched with positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. I have an artful soul, amazing imagination and unusual view on this world, probably for this reason I am a real professional in interior design. I am in love with travelling and history of different cultures, which I get to know through architecture and pieces of art! When I have free time I dedicate it to reading, visiting theater or cinema, meeting friends, making different handmade things and going for shopping not to miss a chance to find some antique or very rare perfumes! I know that sometimes it is not easy to build serious relations with such artistic person as I am, but I have a belief that I will meet a man who will conquer my heart and who will love me till the end of our days in spite of all difficulties!
I am looking for a man who will become my husband, friend, mentor and partner for life! He should have similar lifestyle and interests to my ones, but have his own space and give it to me too! By nature he should be very purposeful, self-assured, confident, friendly, loyal, determined and creative! I should be proud looking at him and knowing that he is with me, should have a wish to be better for him spiritually and physically day by day! I dream that his sense of humor will make me smiling all the time and the range of his knowledge will impress me! And of course like any woman I hope that my beloved will be very romantic and will make me happy with different surprises, spontaneous dates and passionate confessions! I am sure that such man exists and I hope to get acquainted with him soon!
Travel, studying the history of different countries through architecture and art; self made; vintage and selective perfumes, rare instances. as well as vintage jewelry (Pandora), doing sports and like it very much .
I like organic healthy food, sweets.