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Личные данные

14 мая
31 до 55
  • 7 лет female
170см / 5фут 7дюймы
58кг / 128фунт
Вдовец (вдова)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Административная / секретарская / канцелярская
Степень магистра
English, Russian, Ukrainian
My biggest problem in life , that I am too friendly ! Men call such women COMFORTABLE WOMEN. So I get acquainted with a man, we begin to make friends, we feel good together, but the man does not see me as a woman ... Just a friend ... Why is that? I am a wonderful woman in everyday life, I cook well, I am always clean, I do not make scandals, I am always doing fine. Is it really boring? A man gets used to me, then he is no longer interested and wants more ... Are you ready for a stable happy life? Or are you looking for a drama?
For sure I can tell that my man will have all he wants. I can be a magical fairy for him in all spheres of his life. A true loving friend and partner in a daily life and an enigmatic mistress in bed. I will wrap you with tenderness, love, respect and comfort. You want to experience more of what I can give in relations, lets step into it together and you will not regret! I am so ready to open to you much more of what is in my personality and what I will give to you in our relations!
My dreams are simple . I want to meet a man who has a kind heart , who will accept my daughter and will love us . I lost a husband and did not meet a man with whom I could have a relations.I tried to date a local man, but I had a bad experience , this why I am here. I have a dream to meet a serious man.
Now my life devote to my daughther and work , so I do not have lot of free time. My spare time we spend in parks, rivers, lakes or travelling by Ukraine . I love to drive , to feel speed and just enjoy time .
Ceasar salad, latte, fruits , fish, seafood
pop, classic