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Личные данные

16 декабря
24 в 61
Kryvyi Rih
167см / 5и 6в
52кг / 115фунты
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Education / Academic
Bachelors degree
English, Russian
Дружба, Брак
You can call me a Sporty Girl. Whatever i do is done in the high rhythm. Sometimes it seems for me that i am in a rush but after i understand that it is just my hot blood. I have discovered that when i first got to the lessons of Rumba and Tango with my female friend. It was unforgettable to listen to the music and feel the rhythm. I can give you a picture when my hips started to move themselves and i got a smile and blush on my face. I try to dance it at home with online lessons, it is fun. I do stretching lessons, a kind of air acrobatic. Isnt it nice to have a stretched girl? During the week i visit a gym. It is a small and comfortable place to keep my body fit with weights. After such a hard week i like to relax with full body massage and swimming. I like traveling and i prefer to choose places with the sea or with the place where i can swim and work out in the morning. After that i am ready to look around. I like gardening. Nice and clean garden with flowers and fruit trees is great to spend time at home. My favorite time during the day is morning. I adore to watch nature changing ... so lovely! I like to read fascinating book with deep sense. I am fond of walk in park and listening birds singing. No matter what weather we have, these walks give me good inspiration on whole day. I like to pumper myself with coffee and sweets. There is nothing tastier than marvelous aroma of coffee and delicious dessert melting on tongue) well, maybe a warm hug and lovely kiss of a man?
A man of action and a man of heart is my man. My eyes are the mirror of the heart and nice nut is the mirror of good gym time.. i hope my man will treasure it :) We can spend time talking, gardening or BBQ, driving, working out, swimming, relaxing in the spa, have fun in the shop, cooking together. All is good to know each other better. Because we choose one partner, one love for all the life. I want to meet a good man with a kind heart and positive thinking. I just want him to be sincere. Age of my man is not important! As example, my parents has big age difference and they are very happy together. I am sure, when people feel good together, age, weight, height – are just numbers!
i dream to sleep longer on weekends but i have no company..
gym, swimming, dancing, gardening, stretching, cross stitching, cooking, spiritual books.
bbq, meat, seafood, vegetables
all kinds