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7 февраля
18 до 52
Европеоидная раса
Никогда не был (-а) женат (замужем)
Желание переехать в другую страну
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English, Russian, Ukrainian
I am a honest woman. also i am cheerful, family oriented and very loyal person. As every person i am amost withouyt bad habits. If you count that eating an ice cream in the bed is a bad habit then i have it. I have many interests in life. I belong to such kind of people who prefer to have an active lifestyle. I love to travel, to cook.. i want to add here one more thing in future, it is to take care of my man! My heart is full of love and I want to share it with my one and only man . I have never been going for early marriages , because I think that it is a very responsible step in life so I preferred to complete myself as a person and only then to look for a husband.
It would be nice to meet a joyful and down to earth man. It is nice to see happiness in his eyes. i am interested in a man who has hobby and likes outdoor. I like a reliable, clever and easy-going person. As for me I do not like rude, selfish and impolite person. I wish you to find real clear love! I would want him to hug me when I am down. I love to laugh and believe the one who loves you the most would not just ask, but also try to make you feel better without asking you what to do.
My dream is to make people a bit happier as they are. And i have special dreams for my future beloved. Which we could make true together. Some of them are down to earth such as travelling, i dream to take time off and drive many miles where my eyes watch... and some are more passionate and private.
I like to do and share a needlework, hanmades, design of jewelry. I have many skills to create a beatiful necklace just from nothing. And women who start to wear them become happier. I believe in positive energy which i put into my works. I like to give my experience to students. i have a few people to share my knowledges with. i do it with a very big joy.
ukrainian, japanese, italian, georgian, american, european
pop and music tv channel