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Личные данные

7 февраля
18 до 52
Европеоидная раса
Никогда не был (-а) женат (замужем)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Художество / Творчество / Представление
Степень бакалавра
English, Russian, Ukrainian
I am a coffeeman, if you call me a coffeewoman i will be happy)) Perfect morning starts with a cup of good arabica or latte for me. By the way coffee is good during the day as well. It is nice to sit in some cozy cafe and have any drink, talk. I like to create beatiful necklaces and pins. That is why my close people call me Necklace. I like art, painting and visit galleries. I lead an active lifestyle. I like to travel, rent scooter or a bicycle and look around, this can be a very good time to spend together with my future man. I do running in the morning, gym. I like to spend half a day in the gym, workout and enjoy the music. Swimming is great and i dont miss a chance to model in a new bikini set. )) I like to dive and see fish under the water. Cooking national and international dishes brings me fun.. As a girl i like to follow beauty trends and do some make up at home. It is easy to combine natural beauty with some fashion life hacks. My heart is full of love and I want to share it
Handy woman needs a handy man. If you can fix some water pipes, electricity, household appliances, piece of the roof, car, porch of the house, or you like painting the walls, building a birdhouse for fun you are my man. Of course we can use service.. It would be nice to meet a creative and joyful man. Who can value things around us and create coziness. It is great to cooperate, live as a team, best lovers and improve our house and front/back yard. our relations together. It is nice to see happiness in his eyes when he sees the result. Hopefully he likes to swim, ride the scooter, drink coffee with me and enjoy the day.
My dream is to make people a bit happier as they are. And i have special dreams for my future beloved. Which we could make true together. Some of them are down to earth such as travelling, i dream to take time off and drive many miles where my eyes watch... and some are more passionate and private.
handmade, traveling, swimming, beauty, sport
ukrainian, japanese, italian, georgian, american, european
pop and music tv channel