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Личные данные

16 декабря
49 до 65
  • 25 лет male
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
164см / 5фут 5дюймы
69кг / 152фунт
Европеоидная раса
В компании
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Техника / Наука / Инженерия
Степень магистра
Дружба, Брак
My friends say that I am positive, wise, emotional, bright and beautiful woman. I hope they do not flatter me. There is always enough space for compassion, tenderness and charm in my loving heart. I am well-organized, determined and I like order and tiderness in everything. I am cheerful, caring, sensitive and humorous.
My man is decent, caring and ready for creating harmonious relationships. No one is perfect and my future life partner is not perfect too but he is person who will understand, support, respect and love me always. I am looking for a man who is happy for my happiness and sad for my sadness. A person who can do small things with great love. I want to have one life for two with you, enjoy every little moment of our common life together to the fullest.
I dream to see the real ocean standing on its shore being hugged by my beloved man!
I like traveling to other countries and inside my country, reading books, listening to music, dancing. Cooking is my passion, I collect recipes and very often do experiments in cooking. World around us should be beautiful, by means of gardening and design it is possible to make it better. I am interested in different theoretical approaches of healthy life and astrology.
I prefer meat dishes, cheeses, seafood, salads of vegetables and meat.
Romantic blues, jazz, beautiful rock, symphonic rock. Among my favorites: Sade, Joe Cocker, George Michael, The Rasmus