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Личные данные

6 мая
18 до 52
  • 5 лет female
Kryvyi Rih
Европеоидная раса
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Медицина / Стоматология / Ветеринария
Степень бакалавра
English, Russian
Дружба, Брак
I'm a serious woman. I am a caring and attentive lady, modest, passionate and with positive outlook on life. I value simple things in life, dream to find true love and to feel butterflies in my belly again. I want to create family with a nice man in the future, who will make my heart beats faster.... i have a doctors degree and i am an anesthetist. This is a very needed and respected work all over the world.
I'm looking for a man with kind eyes and a sincere smile! He has a big heart and serious intentions to create happy family in the near future. I am a very passionate lady but i am going to be devoted to one man. I will keep fire between us for many years. I like nice social and home clothes, cute flat and high heels shoes. One my man looks at me and cant speak- i can give him mouth to mouth treatment and love service. lol
I like pineapples but i have no idea how they grow. :) I dream to see it and maybe visit some place where it grows. i like to know something new and will be happy if my man teaches me.
I am fit and i like to stay this. I feel comfy on the beach and in the forest. I like outdoors Activity same as to stay in a cosy bed with my beloved. I enjoy fitness and shaping. My hobbies are cooking, baking, reading. You will be suprprised how cooking and backing can be healthy and useful. I read many literature, i reasearch about it and experiement. Mostly my experiemnts are very tasty)))) But some fail and go to the trash... and i go to the nearest restaurant for the dinner. :)
Ukrainian, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish
classic and old hits