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18 мая
36 до 100
  • 14 лет female
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I am attracted to self-sufficient, courageous, intelligent and kind men. He needs to be in good shape. Purposeful and reliable. If he loves kids, sports and traveling, we will find the common language. Perhaps with children. In my life, family is the most important thing. This is the reason why I live. But one place is still missing...and this is the reason why I am here on the site. I get my inspiration from my work. I work as an accountant in a large company. My working day is not normal, it gives me the opportunity to devote more time to myself. But you could always distract me with a sweet kiss and yummy coffee =)
The real gentleman, who knows how to care about his weak lady with deep blue eyes)))
My dream is to have a family, which will be perfect for me! I have got everything in life, I just want to have simple woman's happiness. I believe you could give me it, yes?
I love traveling. I was in many European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Amsterdam, Austria, Greece, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Cyprus, Tunisia. I would like to go again to Miami. Want to join me? I also go to gym. Want to see with your eyes how i make my six pack?)))) In the evening I visit theater, cinema or concert. I try to spend weekends actively. Sport is my lifestyle. What attracts me is swimming, dancing, jogging... I love all kinds of sports. I also like watching ballroom dances.
I love to cook, especially Ukrainian soups. I try to stick to proper and healthy diet. I love Japanese cuisine, too. Sometimes I go to Georgian restaurants, too. For breakfast I usually eat yogurt, muesli, cheesecakes. For dinner - grilled fish and vegetables.
I listen to different music, as everybody, I guess. It always depends on the situation (for example: Leonard Cocen, Bryan Adams, Sade, etc.)