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Личные данные

8 апреля
50 до 70
  • 36 лет female
165см / 5фут 5дюймы
55кг / 121фунт
Европеоидная раса
Пытаюсь бросить курить
В компании
Разведён (-а)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Розничная торговля / Продовольственные услуги
Профессиональный колледж
Russian, Ukrainian
I'm a very energetic person, I like to take everything from life. I like working. I also like to achieve success in everything. I'm very organized and try to be punctual. I love order, both at home and at work. I'm caring, I love animals. I enjoy to take care of myself, go in for sports and look what to eat. I believe that a woman should look good at any age to please herself and others.
It is important to me that my soulmate has a good sense of humor and likes joking. After all jokes raise the mood and give rise for smiles and laugh. I wish my future mate loves working and achieving a success in it. I would like to have equal relations in marriage; for me it is important to always compromise. I would like my man to be family oriented and to prefer spending evenings in family circle.
To be happy and to have a harmony in life
Floristics, sewing, cooking, reading, attending concerts and shows, traveling, walking outdoors, making barbecue
I like meat. I like vegetables and fruits. I really love to cook and my friends are in awe of my dishes. I love homemade food. I also like very much cheese and dark chocolate.
I like dance music because I love dancing. And one day I hope we can begin to spin in dance together!