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Личные данные

22 марта
50 до 65
  • 32 лет male
  • 20 лет female
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Европеоидная раса
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Степень бакалавра
Дружба, Брак
I’m the one about whom men say: she is light, gentle, calm, cheerful, warm and cozy with her, comfortable with her and I want to live. It’s really comfortable with me, because I’m not in conflict, not aggressive, I don’t like to scandal and get angry. I like calm, warm relations, I like to take care of a man, speak kind words to him. I know how to be an inspirer and one who can be admired. I know how to be an affectionate cat and a beautiful tigress, I’m not bored with me, I love everything good that life offers us, catching every moment, here and now.
On the website I want to find a man who will appreciate my care and love for him, who respects women, does not like to quarrel, who is easygoing and optimistic. A man who will be simple in every way.
stay positive and happy till the end of my life with the only one who will love me
I love traveling and do it regularly. It’s not a problem for me to come to any country and spend time with a man, I like to cook. I am fond of baking, I am a good housewife and mother. My children grew up and live separately. and I am ready to devote myself to one single man who will love me. I work a lot, but I find time to read books, take care of myself and my appearance, I like massage, aroma oils, walks in the park in fine weather or just sit in the evenings at home in a cozy company.
any delicious food especially which I cook myself
pop music