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Личные данные

3 июля
35 в 69
  • 12 лет male
  • 10 лет male
United Kingdom
165см / 5и 5в
52кг / 115фунты
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Administrative / Secretarial / Clerical
Masters degree
"It Must Be Difficult To Let Go Of Something So Beautiful?" isn`t it?? Haha Because absolutely non-overexaggerated modesty in pure form is here!!)) Despite having dreamed of greater things, a series of bad decisions and an attraction to "bums" led me into …accountant work…. Boring as hell you think!!! I know haha but wait till … feminine, somewhat fragile, intelligent in expression, strong, self-sufficient, passionate in her likes and dislikes, loves and hates woman with intense concentration and appreciation to her beloved man, slightly applying lipstick and her eye make-up on will turn and say “It was me, who you`ve been looking for all your life))!!” you think you can resist????)) No way!!haha so stop your search right away, because you are into right page of your life baby!!!)) What did I forget here?)) You, my marvelous Knight, that will save me from harsh Dragons of this Unperfect Modern World to create our own modern Fairy Tale Life)) I am from Kyiv, Ukraine
Knight and Gentleman with glorious sword and big heart! )))) (sword for saving me from all Dragons haha and not what you have been thinking about!!! lol )
You I hope you will not deny that men and women craving for each other to be in love and not in dull loneliness?)) So I am here to rescue you, and you will have to rescue me back))) Ready?))
"Big Mistake. Big. Huge. I Have To Go Shopping Now." LOL remember this phrase?))) so yes, I am not a fan of huge shopping, unless my man wants to spoil me a bit, or a lot!! haha all up to you))) love to drive, so be prepared to be driven crazy!! (only in good sense of course! Lol ) adore travelling and seeing nice places)) cuddles and cinema and art that will take breath away))
“Slippery Little Suckers.” That`s what I will tell about snails, oysters and something like that)) lol I prefer simple things)) Healthy food, yes)) but be ready till I can kill you with my fried potatoes at midnight!! Haha
That I can enjoy!!)) No matter, opera or concert, if I am saying “It Was So Good, I Almost Peed My Pants!” Haha