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12 октября
35 до 56
  • 6 лет female
Европеоидная раса
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Russian, Ukrainian
I would prefer not to talk about my character traits and about what kind of person I am. I would like people around me make their own conclusions based on the personal experience after our communication. Just a few words about myself. I'm Ukrainian living in Odessa. But in Ukraine it is difficult for me to find a real gentleman who can make this lady happy :-) That is why I am very much interested in finding someone from abroad.
The ideal man for me is a person who has a humble, kind, responsible and beautiful soul. I would not want my man to be vindictive. I wish my mate is simple, easy to communicate; meaning a simple character. I would like to have a gentleman who knows how to care for his lady. Beautiful man's behavior towards his soulmate is very important to me. Since I'm a romantic person I would like to have romance in my life and a romantic man behind. My mate should not be a quitter, but work enough to provide well for his family.
I wish to discover the world. I wish to make happy my future husband and my child. I wish to learn new languages, Italian and Spanish for instance:-)
I really love to travel! I would like to visit many countries and see the whole world because I think it is very interesting to learn the history of other countries culture. Also I like to cook. I know a lot of Ukrainian dishes and my friends say that I'm very good at cooking) You can see by my photos that I really like taking pictures against the backdrop of beautiful places. I hope you will appreciate my efforts and maybe someday you will become my personal photographer; who knows)
Sushi, meet, vegetables, fruit, fresh squeezed and natural juices, chocolate
Classic, pop music