Sweet Raspberry

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There are various sides of me, open minded, but serious in my search, gentle but have my own opinion. My dear people say that I'm honest, sensitive, kind, funny. About myself I can say I'm pasisonate, pasisonate about life, about my work, passionate in love when it will find me... My heart is free, I want to love and be loved, I'm ready to open my riddles, if you're curious and risky person! :) I'm communicative woman, I like to spend time with friends. But Im self-sufficient personality, if I stay at home I'm not boring. :) One of those who entertain me, is my cat. Do you like cats? I cant imagine my life without pets, I like to take care of them, but of course I\'d prefer to take care of my full family!
I'm romantic, I have a big desire to find true love, to build relations with caring, responsible,strong man, who understands this life, who likes to smile but can suppoort in a hard times. I look for mutual respect, common interests, man who keeps his word and knows how to treat a woman. I'm sure, man of my dreams wouldnt be perfect, but loving and passionate.
Happy family is my dream
I like to cook, and I know how to cook well. There are many recipes in my head. :) Maybe you'll be biggest fan of my cooking skills? :) Also I like to read good books, of you want to know more I'm open for a conversation! Lets try and see!
Delicious food
depends of mood