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19 февраля
36 до 50
  • 11 лет female
168см / 5фут 6дюймы
71кг / 157фунт
Никогда не был (-а) женат (замужем)
Финансы / Банкинг / Недвижимость
Степень магистра
Дружба, Брак
I am very happy and active personality!:) I am life loving and bright lady!!!I am sociable and always very kind towards people. For me, this is very important! I am a person who like active rest and especially in a good company:) anyway, sometimes I do not mind to spend a day on the beach doing nothing and enjoy sun and amazing breeze:) I am very optimistic personality and really very positive! I am romantic and I believe in honest and sincere people. If we see it in them then we meet really such people in our life!
I want to meet an intelligent person:) I think that he need to be educated and with sense of humor. It is nice when person has different sides in his character and during our life we can discover each other:) Well, I am talking about positive ones and I believe that usually we have more of them:) Of course he is ready for some actions and spontaneous actions for his beloved woman!:) Of course as a woman I will do my best to make him want it.
be with my only one and to live in happy family and marriage!
I like folk dances and this is my main hobby:) I love life and enjoy it:) I like nature and spend time on a picnic. This si a pleasure for me to visit cinema or theater.
healthy food. home made
light romantic music, pop