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Личные данные

27 ноября
35 до 54
Mykolayiv (Nikolaev)
Европеоидная раса
Никогда не был (-а) женат (замужем)
Желание переехать в другую страну
Рекламные СМИ
Степень бакалавра
Дружба, Брак
I am a very positive person and prefer to look at life with some sense of humor… I do like to joke and to laugh:) at the same time, I am not frivolous… I really like to learn something new! Reading and watching documentaries helps me in that. I love life in all its manifestations! I am of a gentle and sensual nature. And as many girls I like beautiful things)
Loving relations to me is something you need to work on together with your better half. There is a Spark at first sight, not love… you need to know a person well to have real strong feelings! That is why I hope to meet a man with whom we will have similar views on life, with whom it will be pleasant to spend time and to enjoy every single moment! With whom we could talk about anything…and feel comfortable with each even just holding hands:)))) let’s see if we have connection to develop it into something bigger:)
I have everything I need to be happy, except for my beloved man. I dream to create a tight-knit family with him!
There is a very accurate saying: “healthy mind is in healthy body” and I absolutely agree with it! I like sport and it helps me to stay fit. I used to do aqua-aerobics, but now I prefer fitness and hot yoga) but sport doesn’t take all my free time! I love animals and involved in animal care… I live in a private house, where there is a few grape bushes, a small garden where I work when it is the season. Singing is another thing I think I do good:) but maybe one day you will tell me your thoughts about my skills?:)
Seafood, pizza, raviolli, pistachios, sushi, scrambled eggs
Different kind of music ranging from classic to modern pop, particularly like Lana Del Rey, Michael Jackson