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11 February
23 to 45
168cm / 5'6"
65kg / 143lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
No occupation / Stay at home
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian
I'm a calm and introverted girl who enjoys the serenity of nature. I have a deep appreciation for the natural world and find solace in spending time immersed in it. I can be quite shy at first, but once you get to know me, you'll discover a vibrant and colorful personality.🥰 I find comfort in my own world and often enjoy moments of solitude. Animals are a source of great joy for me, and I love spending time with them. Whether it's taking long walks in nature or simply curling up with a furry friend, I feel most at ease in their company.🙂 😎I'm not a fan of noisy gatherings and prefer more calm time spending.😇 I tend to avoid people who exhibit destructive and aggressive behavior, as I value harmony and positivity in my interactions. If you're someone who appreciates a calm and gentle presence, I believe we could share some wonderful moments together.
I'm searching for my perfect match, someone who shares my values and complements my personality. I believe a strong connection begins with understanding and compatibility, so let me tell you a bit about myself.🥰 😎I consider myself a compassionate and empathetic individual, always striving to support and uplift those around me. I value open communication, honesty, and trust in a relationship. I appreciate a partner who is equally caring and understanding, someone with whom I can build a deep emotional connection.🙂 While I cherish moments of tranquility and enjoy the beauty of nature, I also appreciate the excitement and adventure that life has to offer.
I dream of a dwarf plush cow🥰 One of my biggest dreams is to attend a BTS concert in the VIP zone. Their music and performances have touched my heart, and experiencing their energy up close would be a dream come true. If you're a fellow fan or someone who appreciates the power of music, we could have an incredible time together.🥰 Another dream of mine is to visit Korea and Japan, specifically during the enchanting sakura season. Imagining the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom fills me with excitement. It would be amazing to explore these countries with a partner who shares my love for travel and cultural experiences.🙂 😇Beyond my personal dreams, I have a deep passion for helping animals in need. I dream of creating a sanctuary or shelter for homeless animals, providing them with a safe and loving environment. If you're someone who cares about animal welfare and wants to make a positive impact, we could share a meaningful journey together in making this dream a reality.
I'm passionate about various hobbies that bring me joy and allow me to explore different interests. Here are a few of my favorite hobbies: swimming is my element! I love my workouts and feel at home in the water. This is not only a great exercise, but also a way to relax and recharge your batteries.🏊‍♀️ K-pop and BTS: I'm a huge fan of K-pop, especially BTS. Their music, performances, and meaningful messages resonate with me on a deep level. I love immersing myself in their discography and keeping up with their latest releases.🙂 Watching Doramas and Anime: I enjoy indulging in Korean dramas (Doramas) and anime series. The captivating storylines, rich characters, and unique cultural perspectives fascinate me. It's a wonderful way to unwind and get lost in captivating narratives.😎 Paint-by-Numbers: I find solace and creative expression in paint-by-numbers kits. It's a relaxing hobby that allows me to create beautiful artwork by following numbered patterns. It's both therapeutic and rewarding to see the colors come together and bring a picture to life.😙 Reading in my favorite genre: Reading is a cherished pastime for me, particularly in my favorite genre. Whether it's romance, fantasy, or mystery, I love diving into captivating books that transport me to different worlds and spark my imagination. Love for Animals: Animals hold a special place in my heart, and spending time with them is a true source of joy. Whether it's volunteering at an animal shelter or simply cuddling with my furry friends, being around animals brings me comfort and happiness.
I follow a plant-based diet and avoid consuming meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. However, I have a particular love for vegetarian sushi rolls and have always wanted to try kimchi and explore Asian cuisine. The flavors and textures of vegetarian sushi intrigue me, and I find the combination of fresh vegetables and rice incredibly satisfying.
K-pop, j-pop, rock, oriental music, Scandinavian music. Artists: BTS, Blackpink, Twice, asking alexandria, Slipknot.