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2 October
30 to 60
164cm / 5'4"
55kg / 121lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Health and Beauty / Hair Dresser / Personal Grooming
Bachelors degree
Hey there! I'm someone who thrives on positivity, fun, and staying active. I've always had this natural inclination towards embracing life with a big smile. Being upbeat and cheerful is kind of my thing—I believe it's infectious and spreads good vibes everywhere I go. One of my absolute passions is sports. Whether it's hitting the gym, playing tennis, going for a run in the park, or trying out something new, I'm always up for it. There's something about the rush of endorphins and the energy that comes with physical activity that really resonates with me. I find joy in making others laugh and keeping the atmosphere lively. I'm that friend who's always planning outings, organizing get-togethers, and looking for adventures. What really drives me is this zest for life. I firmly believe in embracing every opportunity that comes my way, trying new things, and constantly challenging myself. Staying active—be it physically or in the pursuit of new experiences—is at the core of who I am.
I'm on a journey to find a kind-hearted, understanding man—one who treasures compassion and holds a great sense of humor close to his heart. Someone who not only speaks his mind but also follows through with his promises means the world to me. For me, genuine kindness and empathy towards others are non-negotiable traits. I believe in the power of understanding and supporting each other through life's highs and lows. It's important to me that we connect on a deeper level, where conversations flow effortlessly and laughter fills the air. A shared sense of humor makes even the mundane moments feel special. Trust is paramount in any relationship. I value a person who honors their commitments and stands by their word. Someone reliable and consistent, whose actions match their promises, creates a foundation of trust that strengthens our bond.
In my younger years, I held onto the dream of residing in a sunny place by the sea or ocean. Yet, with time, I've come to understand that the location itself isn't the crucial factor; rather, it's the company one keeps. As a result, my predominant aspiration now revolves around discovering my soulmate.
I possess a diverse range of interests. Exploring new destinations, engaging in billiards, cycling adventures, and capturing moments through photography all bring me immense joy
I make an effort to maintain a nutritious diet, favoring dishes rich in fish, salads, and a variety of fresh, crisp vegetables.
I listen to both foreign and Ukrainian performers, different music depending on my mood.