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12 June 2022 - An update on the situation in Ukraine

Each of our team members has been affected by the war situation in Ukraine. They have created a video where they talk about the effect of the war on their lives and families. This is a very difficult time for the team, their families and all people of Ukraine.

As you will be aware, Russia invaded Ukraine and have been bombing cities across Ukraine resulting in terror and refuge for all the people of Ukraine. Many members have been contacting us with questions related to the current situation so we wanted to give an update.

As our web servers and associated infrastructure are based in the US, the site will continue to operate. You may however, experience delays receiving replies to messages or disruption with booked or live chats as we have ladies and translators in areas affected by the fighting. Our Ukraine office is located in Mykolaiv (Nikolaev) and our team is continuing to provide 24/7 support to our members under desperate conditions; we are determined to provide the services for the women of Ukraine.

Many of the ladies have relocated to cities in the west of Ukraine, or may have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Many of our team have had to do the same. It is a desperate situation as homes and possessions are deserted and men are left behind. Please be understanding at this terrible time.

While we may be unable to contact individual ladies to check on their specific situation at request, we are in constant contact with all our local agencies and will post updates as information comes to hand.

Please keep the Ukrainian people in your thoughts. We stand in solidarity with all of our fellow Ukrainian citizens and pray for a speedy, peaceful resolution to the current situation.

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Ukraine Brides Agency offers a full range of complimentary services from introductions, translated correspondence, online chat, through to gifts and travel arrangements to ensure a secure, hassle-free and enjoyable online dating experience. We ensure that all the Eastern European women listed on our site are personally interviewed by each local agency in each Ukrainian city.

We ensure that all the Slavic women listed on Ukraine Brides Agency are personally interviewed by each local agency in each Ukrainian city. We look forward to helping you on your journey to find a genuine connection and long term partnership.

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