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Ukraine Brides Agency | Anti Scam & Refund Policy

On our dating site, we personally verify each lady who registers with us by keeping copies of her passport, marital status statement as well as personal interviews. We must make sure that every lady is genuine and serious. All Slavic women in our database must be at least 23 years old.

We highly encourage members to report all claims of scamming because this helps us offer a high-quality service. Therefore, if you think you've been subjected to scamming, please contact us and provide as much evidence as possible, e.g. chat transcript, letters, links, and so forth. Then we will investigate and inform you of our decision.

If the claim is approved, you'll be refunded all credits from all your correspondence with that member. Note that refunded credits will be added to your account balance online. Alternatively, we can transfer the refund directly to your PayPal account if you like.

Every exposed scammer will be deactivated from our dating site immediately.

What is a scam?

  1. A woman's profile is listed on the dating site; however, she doesn't know her dating profile is used.
  2. A woman intentionally refuses to have a video chat with you after having regular communication previously, including text chat and letters – she ignores chat bookings / doesn't turn up at the agreed time / doesn't switch on her web camera that was confirmed by her previously.
  3. A woman asks for gifts or money.
  4. A woman's dating profile is intentionally incorrect (she is actually in a relationship / she didn't tell us that she has kids / her age is not real / her photos are not real.
  5. A woman doesn't appear at an agreed meeting without a good reason.

What is not a scam?

  1. The agency's translator makes a mistake in a letter.
  2. The woman hasn't answered all of your questions.
  3. The woman decides that she isn't interested in you anymore.
  4. The woman has pictures of her family / relatives / male friends / ex-husband / ex-boyfriend as well as other personal data posted on any online social network.
  5. Ukrainian women wear rings on any of her fingers. Please note that wearing a ring on any finger in Eastern European countries doesn't mean a lady is married.
  6. The woman refuses to communicate with you on social media platforms when you've found her social media page on the Internet. Note that by registering on this website, she has already agreed to communicate with you on this online dating site unless contact details are already exchanged.
  7. The woman has placed her dating profile on other online dating websites. She might choose to do that in order to increase her chance of meeting the ideal guy. If she doesn't know that her dating profile is used on another dating website, that dating website might not be reliable.

Tips to avoid scamming

  1. Don't send money to a woman. If a woman asks you for money, please contact us.
  2. Have audio/video chats regularly (not just text chats only).
  3. Organize meetings with women through this international dating website.
  4. If a woman tries to give you her direct contact details, that's actually a red flag.
  5. If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Refund policy

When a member has submitted a claim for scamming against a particular woman and the claim is approved by our dating website's administration team, we offer refunds or a refund on unused credits if the member chooses to leave this dating website. (Please refer to the definitions above.)

When your claim is approved by the administration team of our website, you will be fully refunded all credits from all your correspondence with that woman. Refunded credits will be added to your online account balance. Alternatively, we can transfer the refund to your PayPal account directly at your request.

Abuse policy

We provide a safe environment for all our members and staff. If a member abuses another member (male or female) or any of our team members, we will remove the offender’s profile immediately and they will not be entitled to a refund of their current account balance, nor any credits they have used to communicate with any ladies.

Refer to our Terms & Conditions on Termination.