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Speed Dating

What are our Speed Dating events?

Every week, we offer you an opportunity to chat with as many candidates as possible for free, thereby giving you the fast-track to meet that special lady. This speed dating event lasts for one hour and you are able to have five minutes of free chat (either video/audio or text) with any Slavic lady that you've never chatted with previously. That means you are able to chat with up to 12 candidates during the speed dating event freely.

These free speed dating events are held each Thursday at 9:00pm Ukraine time.

Everyone can join the speed dating events. All you need to do is to register and complete your dating profile (including your photos). You don't have to purchase credits.

Ukraine women like to see who is calling them. That's why you need to have your online dating profile completed. We set 5-minute timeframes to allow as many online speed dates as possible during the speed dating event.

Event guidelines and details

  • The speed dating event lasts for one hour.
  • You can chat with any online Ukrainian lady for five minutes for free. (Only ladies that you haven't chatted with before.)
  • You must have your approved online dating profile completed. This includes your photos as well.
  • Every free chat lasts for five minutes. If you continue chatting for longer than five minutes, your credits will be used.
  • The chat will stop after five minutes automatically if you don't have any credits.
  • In the free chat, you can't exchange contact details because we have to abide by IMBRA law. Please note that a genuine lady is quite unlikely to give you her contact details without knowing you well.

Please contact our team at any time if you have a question. We are always available (24/7). If you would like to organize a test chat before the speed dating event so you're all set for the online event, please contact us.