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(2150) Find Me, My Destiny by Aurelia Gosnell

Partly autobiographical, this Russian language book is about the extraordinary challenges faced by women from the former Soviet countries who seek to find happiness in marriage with a foreign man while at the same time overcoming the difficulties that come with life in a new country and culture. The Ukrainian author overcame these challenges and has been happily married and living in the United States for ten years. Inspired with gratitude for her good fortune, the author began an Internet project to assist other women from the former Soviet countries who were seeking to find the man of their destiny even if he might live in a foreign land. In the project's five year existence it has helped numerous men and women to find their own path towards happiness in marriage to a foreigner. The book includes numerous true stories of success and failure based upon the real-life accounts of members of her project's "family club." The author defines and discusses the behaviors and attitudes of couples in courtship and marriage and shows how these can determine whether a couple's relationship will have a happy outcome or a sad one.

A perfect gift to help your special lady prepare for a new life with you.


(2200) Day For A Charming Lady

Give your lady an enjoyable day - spa day, an hour in the pool, a visit to a hair salon, manicure and a gentle massage of the face and feet

(2205) Day For An Active Lady

Give your lady the day of her dreams - yoga class, massage, circus show, photo shoot on the streets of her city, time on a yacht and karaoke

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(2310) Name A Star After Her

Name a star after your lady and present her with a certificate

Beauty Treatment Voucher

Valentine's Day special offer.

Want to really delight your special lady? Send her a gift voucher for a beauty treatment at her local clinic. She can have a facial massage, special pampering, whatever she chooses. You will make her feel really special. You will receive a photo of her receiving your gift

Bouquet "Lilies +roses"

The bouquet that consists of 5 pink lilies, 5 white lilies, 5 red roses, small yellow flowers, and some green fauna.

The bouquet may slightly differ in reality.

Bouquet "Spring feelings"

Orchids, peonies, tulips, irises - delicious aroma of spring for your lady

If in the local city of the Lady there will be no such flowers they can be replaced with other spring flowers.

5 branches of alstroemeria

7 branches of iris

5 white orchid

10 branches of salal

5 freesia

white and purple ribbon

Box "With Love and hope"

Valentine's Day special offer.

Sweets, roses - what more is needed for a lady's romantic mood?


Chocolate eggs set

A set of Chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter cake

A traditional Easter cake, marmalade, Cahors, easter eggs beautifully wrapped in the Easter basket.

Easter candles

The Easter candles will make the holiday warmer.

K: Gym Membership

Give your lady 1 months Gym membership and keep her slim and beautiful. All Ukraine women take a real pride in their appearance and this is a wonderful gift. She will be delighted. You will receive a photo of her receiving your gift.

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N: Book Voucher

Everyone loves to relax with a good book and your lady will be no exception. Let her choose her favourite title and be reminded of you each time she picks it up. You will receive a photo of her receiving your gift.

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Special request

Special request gift.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to give your lady a special gift (f.e. such as jewelry) and describe us that gift.

We will contact you to agree on the gift and the price for your request additionally.

The price below is an average.

Please mind that due to your request the cost may vary.

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We’re living in a golden age of media. Gifting a nice TV to the lady will make her happy.

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