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Личные данные

22 декабря
36 в 51
  • 9 лет female
162см / 5'3"
57кг / 125lb
Never married
Political / Govt / Civil Service
Masters degree
Дружба, Брак
It is more interesting to live when you can share joys of life with your second half. Do you agree ??? Actually i am too thoughtful to fall in love very easy . But if it happens that I'll fall in love at first sight, I'll believe in it's possible. From the first sight you may think, that I am very cold and even strict , but if you discover me closer, you will be pleasantly surprised how soft, kind, caring and loving I am. Maybe somethimes I am stubborn, but thankful to this I achieved what I have now. But very often I just want to be a little girl in warm hugs of a strong man:))))) When I have free time to devote to myself I adore cooking and yoga! I like to travel, visited many countries in Europe. Also I am very sociable person, I like to visit events in our city, like concerts and seminars.
I am not looking for a pen friend. For me love is when a person has deep passion to me and want to be close to me both physicaly and mentaly. I think it is good when people look in one direction and have the same interests. I want to be together with a man whose presence will make my heart to beat faster. I am not too demanding but I have my own idea about a man whom I want to see by my side . I respect men who have good education and who continue to work on their selfdevelopment, and who has a broad view on life. I know that I will feel deep apreciation to man who has both feet on the ground and know what he wants in life. I am sensitive and therefore for me intimacy is impossible without spending romantic evenings with my beloved man and exchanging sweet trifles )))))) If you like the same let me know !
about a strong family and cozy home, and of course the opportunity to travel together
psychology, cooking, traveling, cinema, concerts