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Personal details

October 11
24 to 55
160cm / 5'2"
46kg / 101lb
Caucasian (white)
Never married
Willing to relocate to another country
Health and Beauty / Hair Dresser / Personal Grooming
Masters degree
English, Russian, Ukrainian
Sure, I can be „that woman“ and throw a bunch of nice and promising adjectives at you…Passionate. Smart. Kind. Funny. Delicate. Caring. Tender. Sensual..Then tell you how I like kissing under the rain, enjoying pink sunsets and colors of the autumn, when I was born..But probably you will be bored on the adjective “Kind” haha))) So here are some facts uncovering the mystery who is this charming lady Juliana… 1. Have Master Degree in English language, and now it’s time to master language of Love..Let’s take this course together? (My English may be helpful hehe) 2. Have rewarding career that centers around one of my greatest passions by bringing aesthetic and beauty to the world)) You can guess which one ;) 3. Never afraid of changes…relocation and change of career path are already in my life luggage. 4. A wizard in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsey once told that I’m his idol. LOL) Maybe not, but I’m sure you would love how my beef bourguignon, Thai meat and cheesecakes taste. 5. Can say “I love you” and order my favorite cappuccino with thick vanilla foam in 5 languages.. …And this is just the beginning, honey…Want to know more?) Drop me a line ;)
The one who is in love with life. Who is decisive and knows what he wants. That one who will be my best friend but also who wants to touch me every superfluous time by moving closer to me and putting his palm on mine, when we are at the table or by winding a strand behind my ear or by inhaling the scent of my hair with pleasure, by just kissing you on the cheek accidentally, by walking hand in hand down the street and grabbing me closer to take pictures together. P.S. a man who isn’t allergic to cats as I have 6 years old cat Asia, so hopefully you get along well hehe ;)
To enjoy soft warm bread with seasoning, dipping it in olive oil on a quiet street in Italy. Kiss under blooming orange tree. Dance passionate flamenco somewhere in Seville. To have breakfasts with you, read aloud out favorite book together and discuss details, dance on the square in the evening and fall down in your hugs every night. Catch pink sunset with you from the top of Eifel Tower. In dreams, we plant seeds for our future, don’t we? ;)
It might sound weird but to live is my hobby! Life is measured not with the amount of inhales and exhales, but with amount of moments when happiness takes your breath away! I enjoy many things from skiing, sport, dancing and driving to photography and cooking something new. What’s more, my work is my hobby too ;)
We eat any dish three times: when we see it, when we smell it, when we taste it. So all three ways are essential for me! Can have 4 pieces of Margarita at one time, citrus note in any dessert is my weak spot, avocado toast only with garlic pepper and apricots only with honey. Hate boiled onion. Now it’s your turn to tell me about weirdness of your taste ;)
If my body gives response at any piece of music, it means that it’s good music) That response can be slightly shaking head, swaying hips (Latin music is the best for it LOL) or just goose bumps on my skin)))