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July 24
28 to 60
157cm / 5ft 2in
52kg / 115lb
Caucasian (white)
Willing to relocate to another country
Finance / Banking / Real Estate
Masters degree
Russian, Ukrainian
Let’s start with the worst characteristics of me…haha) nobody would expect that, I know) But one of them is that I trust people too easily, sometimes I am too naïve, and people always use this and take advantage of me. I tried to learn to become different, but this is who I am and I can’t easily change this. With every year I become wiser but I still easily let people in my heart and in my life. Why is it bad? It’s bad only for me, not for others, I am often hurt… If you want the real challenge in life, you need to open my personality. I am the combination of passion, femininity, creativity, positive in life. I always look at things optimistically, find the way out of any situation.  I am open and sincere lady, who is probably the last romantic in the world, because of the desire to meet true love. ))) I usually like to listen to people and help them solving their problems by means of a good advice. That is why I have many friends and happy because of that. Do you miss such woman in your life? If yes i am here waiting for you…
I am looking for my Mr Right, a man who is respectful, smart, thoughtful, kind with high values of family and loyalty. My ideal match is a gentleman with a good heart. I am seeking for a long-term committed relationship and a life partner to share life with. The one, who can give the feeling of lightness, love and security, will steal my heart easily. Are you the one?
To build a dream home and live as a happy family, soul to soul.
I have many hobbies, some of them are sports and poldance. I love to travel. In a quiet evening with pleasure I like to read a book, I am fond of scientific and educational, or psychology.
I like Indonesian cuisine very much. I also like Italian cuisine, Thai, Georgian and Turkish, and Japanese (but everything not spicy). I like sushi, salads (especially with lots of greens), fruit (especially exotic), seafood.
I like dance music, electronic music: House, electro house. Russian pop music by some artists.