Подбор пары

On our website, we provide our members with 2 options for matchmaking services that can refine your search online and find the right Ukrainian lady faster.

Бесплатный подбор пары

Our dating expert will find five women that meet your criteria, including weight, height, age and location (a specific city). You don't have to contact any of these ladies recommended by us. However, this process will surely save you a lot of time.

This free matchmaking service is a fantastic opportunity for new members because it helps them begin communicating with women of a particular target group immediately after joining this international dating site. Note that only 1 free matchmaking enquiry may be submitted.

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Personalized Matchmaking Services

After completing a professional matchmaking questionnaire, one of our dating experts will invite you to join a one-on-one personal consultation via Skype for free in order to clarify your criteria for your ideal match. Also, we will discuss how to complete a dating profile, how to effectively communicate with Ukrainian women and answer your questions.

Мы лично свяжемся с каждой девушкой, а затем начнем отбор 5 девушек из нашей базы данных, чтобы выбрать девушек, которые:

  • Соответствует вашим определенным критериям
  • Have viewed your dating profile
  • Are genuinely interested in meeting you
  • Are not in serious communication with other members on this dating site

Мы организуем 30-минутный видеочат между вами и каждой женщиной в удобное для вас обоих время, чтобы вы могли быстро определить, является ли она подходящей кандидатурой.

We definitely want you to find true love in the most efficient time. As a result, if none of the women recommended by us is the right candidate for you, we'll return your credits to your dating profile. This decision must be made before you agree to video chat with any of the chosen ladies.

Please note that the cost of this personalized matchmaking service is 200 credits

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